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  • Call for Team Members

    Project Name: SEN Game Portal

    Project Area: ICT, Information & Communications Technology
    Vacancy: 4 --- Game Development (Technical) and Business Development (B2B Sales)

    Project/Team Description: SEN Game portal developed by ARISE Education aims to gamify traditional training practice for Children with Autism and Attention Disorder. Through AI, Big data and Game Entertainment, we hope to innovate the special education and rehab industry


    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: B2B Sales experience, sales experience in education and healthcare;

    Member 2: Game development in unity, web game, SQL;

    Member 3: online platform growth hacker, interests in Special education online groups and develop growth hacking to grow the user base and conversion;

    Member 4: Game design and programming with Web security knowledge


    Contact: Ernest CHAN (Email: info@aesir.hk )

    Project Name: Kon-Yea by Wealthskey

    Project Area: ICT, Information & Communications Technology
    Vacancy: 4 – Software/Web development, VR/AR development engineer, AI developer, UI/UX design


    Project/Team Description: This is to build a technology-based business community of HKers settling overseas, given the recent emigration wave. It is a technology platform with blockchain, AI and AR/VR applications. We are looking for web programmers, VR/AR developers, AI/machine learning developers and UX/UI designers to join us, outstanding performer would have the potential to be promoted to CTO and be invited as co-founder.


    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: Web programming for e-commerce purpose, some blockchain knowledge preferred but not mandatory;

    Member 2: VR/AR developer;

    Member 3: AI/machine learner developer;

    Member 4: UI/UX designer for web/app designer.


    Contact: Ken POON (Email: kenith_p@yahoo.com )

    Project Name: Airborne Data Acquisition System Design

    Project Area: ICT, Information & Communications Technology
    Vacancy: 4 - Avionics and aerospace industry

    Project/Team Description: In a near-future, the existing aviation industries will be insufficient to meet the demand of the air-vehicles that is expected to reach $6.63 billion by 2030 according to allied research market due to the introduction of air passenger cars and air-taxis. It will lead to an increase of more companies to develop the air-vehicles to meet the demand. Introducing a company that must develop advanced air-borne data-acquisition system and air data recorder to meet this demand of air-vehicles manufacturing is the purpose of this project.


    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: Software development in python;

    Member 2: Hardware development;

    Member 3: Marketing and finance;

    Member 4: Marketing.


    Contact: Muhammad ADEEL (Email: m.adeel@connect.polyu.hk )

    Project Name: WorldAct

    Project Area: ICT, Information & Communications Technology
    Vacancy: 4 - IT, Marketing, Finance

    Project/Team Description: WorldAct is an app that provides worldwide activities, with a GPS system. It is used for travelers or locals to search the activities all over the world.


    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: Web developer;

    Member 2: Marketing;

    Member 3: Finance;

    Member 4: App developer.


    Contact: Lincoln WONG (Email: lincoln.wcss@gmail.com )

    Project Name: Project Arana by EventBinder

    Project Area: ICT, Information & Communications Technology
    Vacancy: 4 - Software/Web, Business Development, UI/UX design, Brand Building & Social Media Management


    Project/Team Description: EventBinder is a big data SaaS startup focused on helping companies to know the latest trends and their clients better. We believe big data analysis is not a privilege but the next standard tool for daily business operation. The goal is to utilize data from customer and business data to provide a complete view of market behavior so that businesses can adapt and evolve. EventBinder is the place for passionate dreamers who care about social causes and are dedicated to bringing innovative solutions for the future!


    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: Marketing & PR, experience in Instagram or related management;

    Member 2: Business administration and operation;

    Member 3: Tech lead (Partnership), Full stack developer or experience in backend development;

    Member 4: Software development in Python / NodeJS / React Native.


    Contact: Kenta NG (Email: kenta@eventbinder.app )

    Project Name: Mind Doctor

    Project Area: ICT, Information & Communications Technology
    Vacancy: 3 - IT and Psychocology


    Project/Team Description: Provide counseling matching service to both or the patient and counselor. Provide the platform to share the experience between each patient. (Mutual Support Group and Mutual-aid self-help group). Provide the correct information about mental disorders to the public.


    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: Need to know the app design, programming, IT;

    Member 2: Need to have the psychology and counseling knowledge;

    Member 3: Need to have aesthetic feeling for the app interface;



    Contact: LAM Man Ching (Email: lam201123@gmail.com )

    Project Name: Social Platform for Setting Public Complaints with Media and Law

    Project Area: ICT, Information & Communications Technology
    Vacancy: 2 - Computer Science and Marketing


    Project/Team Description: This project aims to assist citizens in efficiently resolving disputes in the civil and commercial fields through a content platform that greatly improves resolution efficiency through intelligent information technology and social media resources; integrates journalists and lawyers to provide citizens with the best solutions online or offline to create "Quora" in the field of domestic complaints and rights protection.


    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: Computer Science, Data Science;

    Member 2: Marketing and Brand Management; Sociology; Project Management


    Contact: ZHAO Chongyin (Email: 19094019g@connect.polyu.hk )

  • Project Name: AIRWOOD / WOODWOW

    Project Area: Hardware & Engineering Technology
    Vacancy: 4 --- Brand Operation Partner, R&D Manager, Graphic Designer, Structural Engineer (in Shenzhen)

    Project/Team Description: AIRWOOD / WOODWOW is a hardware design project and product brand. AIRWOOD / WOODWOW designs and develops intelligent products such as robots and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as home, cultural and creative products such as air purifiers, pen containers and models using wood board assembly structures and combined with hardware and software technologies. AIRWOOD / WOODWOW has received millions of angel investments from well-known fund companies.


    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Brand Operation Partner: Familiar with consumer hardware product brand operation knowledge, have relevant product experience, familiar with online operation methods and channels.;

    R&D Manager: Major in electronic information, computer, mechanical engineering and automation, experience in consumer hardware product development, experience in leading a team to develop products, familiar with hardware product development process, strong embedded system development ability and basic mechanical design knowledge.;

    Graphic Designer: Graphic design related major graduation, have good drawing ability, typesetting ability.;

    Structural Engineer: mechanical engineering, industrial design related major graduation, solid knowledge of structural design, skilled use of Solidworks and other related software, master the basic industrial design knowledge.


    Contact: WEN Fang (Email: arvin@uavi-tech.com )

    Project Name: ThreeDee

    Project Area: Hardware & Engineering Technology
    Vacancy: 2 --- Deep learning, Computer Vision, Architecture, Structural Engineering


    Project/Team Description: ThreeDee is a CV model that builds a 3D architectural model from 2D CAD plans. Please email me for more information.


    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: Data science

    Member 2: Software development


    Contact: Shynggys KASSEN (Email: 18080342d@connect.polyu.hk​ )

    Project Name: Bevo[X]

    Project Area: Hardware & Engineering Technology
    Vacancy: 1 - Robotics/Electronic/Firmware engineering


    Project/Team Description: Bevo[X] aims to revolute how hand-made beverages are produced, creating infinite possibilities of new drinks.. We provide our customers with robotics solutions that allow them to serve quality hand-made beverages precisely and efficiently.


    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: Robotics Engineer: PCB design, Robot control, Path planning (Bonus)


    Contact: Hugo CHU (Email: hugo011395@gmail.com )

    Project Name: Mini Robot Chassis

    Project Area: Hardware & Engineering Technology
    Vacancy: 4 - Design & Engineering


    Project/Team Description: With the advance of technology breakthrough, shared robotics code and lower equipment cost, robotics solutions become more attractive toward societal application. We, Bonbon Robotics listen to the market needs and we observe the existing robots has some disadvantage or drawbacks in the real application in terms of price, mobility, size, and safety concern.
    That why we propose a relatively low-cost solution to robotics design to suit for the market. We are targeting indoor small robot chassis and use Hong Kong as a serviceable place to consider. Please feel free to give comments for us to improve our robot chassis.
    Our aim is to overcome the innovation-to-practice gap, close collaboration between engineers, researchers, caregivers and management team is needed.


    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: Electrical design (PCB or System Integration)

    Member 2: Mechanical design (Robot Kinematics and Robot Chassis Design)

    Member 3: Industrial design (Robot Shape Design and Presentation)

    Member 4: Software engineer (ROS development , C, C++, Java , Python , SQL etc)


    Contact: Matthew WONG (Email: business@bonbonrobot.com )

  • Project Name: Support Centre

    Project Area: Business Innovation
    Vacancy: 1 - Leisure Space

    Project/Team Description:

    • 1st hand property market, real estate agent;
    • Most time at outdoor, roadshow, outside show flats;
    • Resources exchange;
    • Support centre for their leisure and rest during working hours;
    • Membership and subscription running.

    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: Operating, marketing, public relations, customer service


    Contact: David TSAI (Email: dt1997514@gmail.com )

    Project Name: LGBTIQ+ Tourism Asia

    Project Area: Business Innovation
    Vacancy: 1 - Diversity and inclusion, hospitality and tourism, consultancy, marketing, community engagement


    Project/Team Description: LGBTIQ+ Tourism Asia has been founded by doctoral students from SHTM since January 2020 and initiated with a series of research in LGBTIQ+ inclusion in hospitality and tourism sectors. By adopting social venture and lean startup approaches, we are developing business ideas to tackle discrimination and exclusion of LGBTIQ+ individuals in Asia. We are currently comprised of international team members with a wide range of professional, cultural and advocacy backgrounds.


    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: Graphic design, e-learning, online platform, website development, marketing communications


    Contact: Thanakarn Bella VONGVISITSIN (Email: bella.vongvisitsin@connect.polyu.hk )

    Project Name: Sick Spots

    Project Area: Business Innovation
    Vacancy: 1 - Developer


    Project/Team Description: We Sick Spots focusing on providing better lifestyle experience to everyone in Hong Kong by using creative AI and Data solution.


    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: Experience in app development (preferred language flutter, swifts or objective-c)


    Contact: SIU Chak Lam (Email: oscarsiu990509@mail.com )

    Project Name: Accelerate and sustain the meaningful connection with people

    Project Area: Business Innovation
    Vacancy: 3


    Project/Team Description: With the advanced technology and circumstances nowadays, is it easier/ more difficult to make meaningful connections with new friends? Even if we join a conference or a volunteering, we could not get to know each other well. Perhaps we don't have the time to talk to each of them, perhaps we are fear to have rejection, perhaps, it happens that we get lots of name cards but we don't remember their faces. If this resonates with you, pls contact us, because we are building a team (a startup) , and committed to designing a new way of human interactions.


    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: Blockchain/ Business;

    Member 2: Software Engineer;

    Member 3: A creative thinker who is familiar with social apps.


    Contact: Ariana CHEUNG (Email: skcheung2020@gmail.com )

  • Project Name: Safer

    Project Area: HealthTech
    Vacancy: 4

    Project/Team Description: Safer is your sexual health companion. Sexual transmitted disease (STD) are getting trendy nowadays, research shows that teenager has the highest STD infection rate among different age group. But there is no easy way to get tested, plus the stigmatization among the society, people are reluctant to seek help from doctor. Safer is an all-in-one solution, allow ones to track their sexual history, get STD screening, treatment and consultation online.


    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: Full Stack Developer

    Member 2: UIUX Expert

    Member 3: Graphic designer

    Member 4: Digital marketing


    Contact: Matthew KAN (Email: matthewkan13@gmail.com )

    Project Name: CTS Communications Online Platform

    Project Area: e-City
    Vacancy: 4

    Project/Team Description: This is an online platform going to be developed as e-City or e-Nation, subject to how many people join the platform and contribute with their services and talents. The more people join the platform, the more we can develop in different aspects. We welcome people who would like to serve and share with others and be open to communicate with others with their expertise, experience, skills, and knowledge.


    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: Healthcare

    Member 2: Teaching

    Member 3: IT, design, video production

    Member 4: Projects management, accounting


    Contact: Rosanna TO (Email: artscorner2017@yahoo.com )

    Project Name: CLAIRE Clinical AI Research

    Project Area: Healthcare
    Vacancy: 2 - Business
    Project/Team Description: With the vision to ameliorate chronic disease management in Hong Kong, CLAIRE Clinical AI Research Limited develops an artificial-intelligence-based knee osteoarthritis triage system to facilitate personalised treatment protocols, and with a mobile application to deliver clinical point-of-care.
    CLAIRE has established connections with worldwide biomedical engineering and nursing researchers, besides the medical personnel in the Hong Kong West Hospital Cluster.


    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: Marketing

    Member 2: Marketing


    Contact: LI Ho Hin Toby (Email: toby.li@connect.polyu.hk ) ; Website: https://www.claireairesearch.com

    Project Name: Afterglow

    Project Area: Social Impact, e-Commerce, F&B
    Vacancy: 1 - Computer science
    Project/Team Description: An app offers surplus food (bakery, veggie, fruits) options at a reasonable price with retailers.


    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: Computer science/ anyone who has knowledge in developing an app.


    Contact: Horace KWAN (Email: Horacebluesky@gmail.com )

    Project Name: Algorithmic Valuation Calculator

    Project Area: Prop Tech
    Vacancy: 2
    Project/Team Description: The calculator is designed to strive for the rights and interests of minority owners in redevelopment cases by leveraging the ability of surveyors and AI technology, providing professional valuation and negotiation service at an affordable price. The calculator navigates the difficult path of justifying the value of RDV by simulating development scenarios and inputting parameters by AI. The AI calculator minimizes the manual input and provides affordable, reliable, and rapid solutions for minority owners.
    This provides a win-win-win situation.
    • To developers, it enhances the pace of redevelopment and saves time cost.
    • To minority owners, a fair transaction enables them to refinance and improve living quality.
    • To surveyors, it provides an opportunity for them looking to jump into the real estate/legal/construction or passionate about negotiation and mediation to involve in reality cases independently or under guidance.


    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: Machine learning / AI / Computer Science / Any related field

    Member 2: Machine learning / AI / Computer Science / Any related field


    Contact: Daniel NG (Email: oknghangkin@gmail.com )

    Project Name: Sensory Book

    Project Area: Interactive game for dementia care
    Vacancy: 1 - Mobile developer
    Project/Team Description: Sensory Book is a brain training game tailored for people with dementia. A person with dementia and a caregiver can play the game synchronises between the app and the Sensory Book. It aims to stimulate their cognitive functions and provide a multi-sensory experience. Through the game, the caregivers or family members can reconnect and have meaningful communication with a person with dementia and monitor the people with dementia based on game performance result.
    Required Skills of Team Member(s):

    Member 1: Developing the mobile app


    Contact: Heeyoung KIM (Email: heeyoung.kim@connect.polyu.hk )

  • If you want to find partners or team members, please submit your innovative idea/project.

  • Looking for Team/Project

    LEE Chung Hon

    Bsc (Hons) in Occupational Therapy

    Email: chleejeffrey886@gmail.com


    Areas of Expertise

    Healthcare and Medical services

    Startups/Projects Interested

    - Business Innovation

    - Social Innovation & Enterprise

    Matthew KAN

    BSC (Hons) in Nursing


    Areas of Expertise

    Health Tech; Business Development

    Startups/Projects Interested

    - Social Innovation & Enterprise

    - Health Tech

    WONG Man Yin

    BSc (Hons) in Tourism and Events Management

    Email: 19007537d@connect.polyu.hk


    Areas of Expertise

    Design; Analyzing Business Ideas

    Startups/Projects Interested

    - Business Innovation

    - Social Innovation & Enterprise

    - Design & Fashion

    LIN Xiangru

    BBA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance

    Email: 18080593d@connect.polyu.hk


    Areas of Expertise

    Business related, Fintech

    Startups/Projects Interested

    - Business Innovation

    - Social Innovation & Enterprise

    - Design & Fashion

    Kenta NG

    BSc(Hons) in Data Science and Analytics

    Email: startup@kentaccn.com


    Areas of Expertise

    UX Design, Software architect, Business Development, Video Production

    Startups/Projects Interested

    - Social Innovation & Enterprise

    - Design & Fashion

    - Hardware & Engineering Technology

    Amy GONG

    BA(Hons) International Business

    Email: amy.gong@yahoo.com


    Areas of Expertise

    Marketing, PPT, UI/UX

    Startups/Projects Interested

    - Business Innovation

    - Social Innovation & Enterprise

  • If you are interested in innovation and looking for teams/projects, please submit your personal profile.

  • Talents/Freelancers


    •  "Talents/Freelancers" session lists ONLY current students (full-time/part-time) of PolyU, SPEED and HKCC who are interested to contribute their skills to startups as volunteers or freelancers. 

    Emma YU

    MA in Bilingual Corporate Communication
    Email: sinwan.yu@connect.polyu.hk


    Areas of Expertise:
    UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, App Development, Software Development, Marketing, Branding

    Startups/Projects Interested

    - Business Innovation

    - Design & Fashion

    - Social Innovation & Enterprise

    FENG Zhanpeng

    BSc (Hons) Scheme in Logistics and Enterprise Engineering
    Email: 20074566D@connect.polyu.hk


    Areas of Expertise:
    Social Communicate, Learning Ability, Biology

    Startups/Projects Interested

    - Social Innovation & Enterprise

  • If you are talented in design or coding and want to find volunteering/freelancing opportunities, please submit your personal profile.



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